Short travel in Jeju, Korea

mylene/ April 11, 2018/ travel/ 0 comments

For lazy travellers like me, who wants to visit Jeju but lazy to go from one place to another place, you can stay in Downtown Jeju. If you stay this area, you can walk to the beach, wet market and shopping mall.

One of the recommended hotel is Check Inn Hotel. The staff are friendly and they can talk both Mandarin and English. The room is clean and comfort to sleep. There are facilities like hair dryer,fridge,kettle and usb cable and even heater.

Just behind the hotel is the Black Pork Street. The whole street are filled with Korean restaurants, where you can eat barbecue Pork.


Further down from this Black Pork Street, there is a wet market called Dongmun market, across the street. When we went there, they were selling oranges everywhere. The oranges were sweet.

Not from there, there are many shops surrounding selling clothings, shoes etc. We went to Jungang Underground market.

Opposite my hotel, there is beach. There were many restaurants there and you can see ships and boat there.

Here are the food we ate. The abalone porridge are delicious.

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