Natural remedy for cough

mylene/ January 10, 2018/ parenting/ 0 comments

In the past, I give my kid different kinds of cough syrup but none of it works. Honestly, for cough, I find that natural remedy is the best remedy and has no side effects.

Many suggested steamed onions. At first, I am a bit skeptical, some more I don’t think my kid would like to drink onion juice. But trying is no harm and it is better than drinking medicine.

And it works! My kid recovered from flu within the same day I gave her the steamed onion. And onions doesn’t not cost much compare to medicine. And lucky, she did drink it. It is always a nightmare when I give her cough syrup in the past. So hard to put the syrup inside her mouth.

How to steamed onion
Chop two onions and put into a bowl. Doesn’t matter red or yellow onions. Then take a cooking pot and put water. Put the bowl inside the pot. Steam for 10 minutes. A tablespoon of juice is enough.

Below is a sample on how to steam onion.

Youtube from Cook For My Love

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