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Image Credit: Pixabay

Hashtags like #melanin, #melaninpopping, #darkskinnedgirls are trending more than ever on the internet especially on social media platforms. Some of these women of color like to rock their natural glow without any makeup. Some others like to tune it up a bit with some badass face beat, all thanks to makeup products like setting powders which is our focal point.

It is very okay to join the train of dark-skinned ladies who accentuate their natural beauty with makeup. What is not okay is doing it and ending up looking like a clown. It is not all about the best setting powders in town but your skills at times. Stroking the brush towards the right direction on the right spot is one thing that brings out the efficacy of your makeup products.

Regardless of your skills, if you have a dark skin, you might find it a little harder to find a setting powder that blends well with your skin. An unsuitably matched powder on dark skin gives the face an ashy look. You don’t want to have your face look brighter than your neck; bad for business.

Come to think of it, there are different kinds of powders produced by the cosmetic industries but setting powders seem irreplaceable. Both types of setting powders help to ‘set’ or keep your foundation intact and prevent it from smearing. The colored variety, asides its color and tone correction ability, brightens the skin. The translucent ones give the face a unique glow while not tampering with the foundation’s color. Setting powders have also manifested their greatness in absorbing excess oil from an already applied makeup. Hence, reducing the sticky feel and shine that comes with using foundation.

To save you unnecessary troubles, we have looked up some great makeup products which cater for dark-skinned ladies as well as they do for the light-skinned.

  •  Ben Nye Luxury Banana Powder: The most hyped and popular of them all. Works like it was made to blend with melanocytes.
  • Ben Nye Luxury Powder – Topaz: Another masterpiece from Ben Nye which is created uniquely for stage makeup. It comes in different shades which are suitable for dark skin including Cocoa, Ebony, Caramel, Olive Sand, and others.
  • Sasha Butter Cup Setting Powder: Made with a creamy texture which makes it blend in properly and suitable for everyday use.
  • Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder: With the right shade of this powder and the right brushes, you can work some black girl magic.
  •  Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Loose Powder (Golden Orange): You might have to spend a little more dollars than you would on others but we bet you’d get your money’s worth. Only a small amount of this Bobbi Brown’s loose powder is needed to make you glow.
With these tips, you’ll agree that selecting the appropriate setting powder for your skin is no longer a big deal. You can always check back for more tips on looking good. We’ve got you covered.