Do you have tough time writting essays?

mylene/ March 14, 2013/ general/ 0 comments

Writing essays are so difficult sometimes, especially when you are not familiar with that topic or does not have any clue about it. Some even end up asking their friends or parents to do essays for them or even pay money for it. I remember I had a tough time when I was studying. Sometimes it took me hours to write an essay. And end of the day, I didn’t get any good marks for it after having a tough time writing it.

Last week, one of my cousin’s kid asked me to help on her essays. I didn’t want to help her at first since I had tough time myself lasttime but because she asked for my help, I couldn’t reject her.

As I was searching some information on the net, I found this website Study Mode pertains 1,000,000 model essays . This is good. At least my cousin’s kid can find some ideas to write her essays from this website. They have many topics here and it is easy to find the topics you want.

I saw one essay in Study Mode which might help her. At least can give some points of what to write.

I wish there is such reference during my time. I have to go to the library or buy books for reference. Books are so expensive back then. Sometimes library don’t even have the latest edition. Nowadays with the usage of internet, you can find any information you want and it is free too. Nowadays kids are so lucky.

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