Designer clothes

mylene/ February 27, 2010/ general/ 0 comments

Spring is the best time to wear shorts, dresses. You won’t be able to wear these during winter. Winter is so cold, you need to wear thicker clothes, long pants, anything to keep you warm.

If you want to be stylish during spring, you can go for designer clothes. Designer clothes has the latest fashion and people will praise you for your good sense of fashion. You will be center of attraction. You can go designer clothes such as Republic, check out their latest offer and fashion in

I love to wear dresses during spring. I will feel more comfort, especially it is made from cotton material. So that I won’t feel so hot. And I love to wear short pants and singlet when I go out for drinks with my friend. Nice and casual. I don’t really like wear jeans during spring. When it comes to pants, I prefer to wear leggings because it is more cooling to wear on spring. It will be stylish to wear long blouse with a big belt to match with leggings. Look at celebrity such as Lindsay Lohan, she loves to wear leggings. It looks great on her. And it will be nicer if you wear with a matching necklace.

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