Steam fish recipe

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How to steam fish? Important is to buy a fresh fish. No matter how good is your cooking, a fish that is not fresh does matter a lot.

– fish
– ginger
– salted soy bean
– rice wine
– goji
– soya sacue


1. Take the fish and marinate it with salted soy bean. Put on a stainless steel plate.

2. cut ginger into small slices. Put the ginger, rice wine and goji on the fish.

3. Put the fish inside wok or cooking pot that is filled with water to steam it.

4. To check whether the fish is cook or not, take a fork and see whether the fork can be pierced into the fish until bottom part of the fish or not. If can, it is cook already. Pour some soya sauce on the fish before off the fire.

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  1. Amazing recipe will try it today and will
    learn gur moongphali ki gajak at home,people also may like
    Aloo kofta famous recipe here

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