Tips for wearing gown

mylene/ November 16, 2006/ fashion/ 1 comments

You want to look good in your gown.But you need to choose properly for your gown.It is no point having a nice face and body but you wearing like a pregnant woman or a clown.

1.Choose the right color
-Warm hues and coral are suitable for brunettes while for blondes,they should wear cool pastels.What if you alayws changing your hair color,well, you can buy metallic gold which works
for any hair color or even silver

2.Dont dress as your age
-What to wear for all ages?Long sleeves, long dresses and high necklines.Middle age women can wearlike Jane Fonda with soft modern hair.

3.Your hairstyle
-Go for slicked-back ponytails or messy buns


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  1. I couldn’t understand some parts of this article Tips for wearing gown, but I guess I just need to check some more resources regarding this, because it sounds interesting.

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