What is Britney Spears’s New Year’s Resolution?

mylene/ January 3, 2007/ celebrity/ 1 comments

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Well, for my own new year resolution is to become richer and prettier.LOL.Well, with lots of money, to become prettier is possible.Thus,one stone can kill to birds at one time.LOL.

How about Britney’s resolution?Well,she already has everything.Well,almost everything,except she got a lousy husband.Luckily, she had already divorced him.

When she was quoted on this matter in TV’s Extra,she replied “Stop biting my nails. Just to take care of me more.”

Well, later that night, she fell asleep at the club from exhaustion.

Well,Britney, what a good reply for your resolution.You might think over what you say before you do something odd again.


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  1. Britney is the best! I really like her.

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