Tori Spelling wants to be in the remake of Beverly Hills, 90210

mylene/ March 21, 2008/ celebrity/ 1 comments

Tori Spelling picture
Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling is prepared if she is offered to act in Beverly Hills, 90210 where she was formerly acted in that series for 10 years.

Tori told PEOPLE “My dad always wanted to do a new version of 90210, so I’m sure he will be beaming from above! .And I’d love to somehow be a part of it. That as well would make my dad proud!”

When quoted about the role she wants to play “Well, I am a mom now, proud to say, but obviously too young to have a teenager, so maybe I could be one of the main character’s young step mom,” says Spelling, who is expecting her second child. “Playing the funny sex ed teacher at the high school would be funny, too, considering Donna Martin was America’s most infamous virgin.”

Then she added: “The show was a huge part of my life. Ten years! I miss it dearly.”


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