Simon Cowell spy on his neighbours!

mylene/ March 15, 2008/ celebrity/ 1 comments

Simon Cowell picture
Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell may look serious in America Cowell but shocking is he spy on his famous neighbours. This is part of his hobby.

He installed a telescope in his kitchen to peep on his neighbours. He got this idea from watching Dudley Moore’s classic film comedy’s “10” where by in this movie, Dudley spy on his Beverly Hills neighbour, a porn producer who regularly hosts parties with nude girls.

Hopefully, he won’t get caught by a fierce celebrity one day. If not, he will get a punch or slap by that person. I can say many neighbours especially older people like to peep their nextdoor. Some of them will pretend to water their plants or wash their cars to have a peep. This same goes to my neighbour which can be irrirating.


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  1. someone spied on him spying

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