Oprah Winfrey offered Duchess of York own chat show

mylene/ July 25, 2010/ celebrity/ 0 comments

Duchess of York is in debts and Oprah Winfrey has offered her help by giving her own prime-time chat show.

A source who is close to Sarah Ferguson said last night: ‘Oprah made the call this week. They spoke in person and, for Sarah, the offer is a ray of light at the end of a very dark tunnel.

‘Oprah has known Sarah for some time and the Duchess went on Oprah’s show to explain herself after her most recent scandal. Oprah has always been impressed by Sarah’s ability to pick herself up and reinvent herself. ‘

‘She feels Sarah will be someone viewers of her new channel will be able to relate to on many levels – she’s a divorcee, a working mother, someone who has made some very public mistakes and a woman who, like Oprah, constantly battles with her weight.’


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