Madonna and Guy Ritchie go their separate ways

mylene/ October 15, 2008/ celebrity/ 0 comments

Madonna  picture

According to British newspapers report, Madonna and Guy Ritchie will be divorcing soon after 8 years of marriage.

A source told The Sun that both of them “can’t bear to live with the pretense any longer.It’s very sad. They were a great couple and brilliant parents. They just couldn’t live together.

“Despite huge attempts to patch things up, they both knew deep down that divorce was in the cards. It wasn’t a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when.’ They tried hard over the past few months, but their fighting was getting out of control.

“The final straw came before Madonna started her US tour.”

Well, it is pity that they have decided to divorce. They look great together. Nowadays, marriage and divorce comes easily. What happen to Fairy Tales where couples married happily ever after.


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