Kevin Federline celebrated his birthday in Pure Nightclub

mylene/ March 23, 2008/ celebrity/ 0 comments

Kevin Federline celebrated his 30th birthday on friday night at Pure Nightclub, which is located in Las Vegas.

There were 20 people present to celebrated his birthday and this includes his family and attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan.

On that night, he and his group enjoyed singing some hip-hop songs and when almost midnight, he danced on the couch at his table and held up a California license plate that read “FDRLINE”, all while drinking Jack Daniels.

Looks like he is really enjoying his birthday party. How nice! For me, every year is a boring birthday celebration for me. Nothing special. It was different feeling when I was a kid. That time, I would wait for my birthday day to come in excitement and can’t wait to open my gifts. Guess that now I am earning my own money, I can buy what i love at anytime.


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