Joe Jones has new girlfriend, Camilla Belle,

mylene/ November 12, 2008/ celebrity/ 6 comments

Joe Jonas has a new girlfriend, 10,000 BC actress Camilla Belle. Previously, Jones was dating with Taylor Swift.

They met on the set of making Jonas Brothers video “Lovebug.”.

A source said “They met on the set of his music video. All the guys always had thought she was really pretty and that’s why they asked her to be in it.”



  1. !WOW! if they go out well idk if they would be a good couple but they are both awsome i love joe and talor so…….wat ever haphenss haphenss i guess

  2. hi im mary kendall and i thought you and taylor looked good together but i like her too i like all 3 of yall i not gonna gudge but i really did lie you and taylor together…. but inyway im a really really big fan and my 2 fav colors are blue and forest green….im 9 bout to be 10 i love yall so so so so much bye bye ….. p.s. i love ya”ll

  3. joe you and demi lovato look good together and I will like you more then i do if you and demi go out and do you like her she is cute please e mail me love ya’ll Bye!!!!!!!!!!

  4. i h8 him!! no ofens 2 joe jonas fans but he’s so shallow!!! he broke up with taylor on the phone!!!! He’s such a two timing bastard!!

  5. Camilla Belle is a very beautiful woman. i really like her eyes because they are pretty. i first saw Camilla Belle when she was still a kid on the movie Annie-A Royal Adventure.

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