Joe Jonas defend Miley Cyrus regarding about her racy photos

mylene/ April 23, 2008/ celebrity/ 7 comments

Miley Cyrus picture
Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus’s photos has been circulating on the net on these few days. In those photos, she wore lingerie. When quoted about this matter, Joe Jonas said “We’re good friends of hers, and we got her back and we love her to death”.

When quoted about his advice for Miley “I think it’s just the way you come out of it. As much as they say, no one’s perfect and everybody makes their mistakes. I think it’s the way you handle it and come out of it the proper and respectful way.”



  1. i think miley is awsome. so wat she made a mistake. we all do

  2. i luv miley. she is a talented young girl. she is hero to me. i look up. shes the reason y i wanna be gunna follow my dreams. nd the song “i miss u” remindz mii of mii uncle who passed away a month ago. i dedictaed it to him. SO LEAVE MILEY ALONE.nd one day i hoping 2 meet her(lolsx)

  3. miley rocks!
    why do people have to be so cruel to her?
    i really don’t care what she do because it’s her life.
    no one ever has to be perfect!
    so that’s great of people who are supporting miley cyrus.
    keep on rocking everybody!!!o_O

  4. Miley are so funny hahaha…

  5. I love miley and jonas what she made a mistake we all do.anyways the jonas bros would take her side.I know I will of course with out any reason

  6. i love the Jonas Brothers, they are so handsome. I really like Joe Jonas in particular.

  7. Hi, good article.

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