Denise Richards wants to have her reality show

mylene/ January 22, 2008/ celebrity/ 1 comments

There is report in Extra saying that Denise Richards and her estranged husband Charlie Sheen will be meeting in court because it seems that Charlie doesn’t approve her desire to have her own reality show where she and her two children will be the star.

Denise Richards picture
Denise Richards

A source to Extra said “This goes against everything Sheen believes in… and he feels it’s exploitative of the children for the mother’s own vanity and greed”.

Denise needs to have Sheen’s approval to enable their daughters to appear on the show but Sheen refused.

In order for their girls to appear on the show, Sheen has to give his approval. So far, he has refused. Richards wants to move on with her reality show by asking the court to revoke Sheen’s power as father.


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