David Hasselhoff’s daughter Hayley star in U.S. TV drama

mylene/ June 30, 2010/ celebrity/ 0 comments

David Hasselhoff’s daughter Hayley star in U.S. television, Huge which about a group of overweight teens going through fat camp.

She acts as Amber and she attracts all the attention from men when she was on the programme to reduce weight.

Hayley says of her character, “Amber is the most determined girl at camp.”

“She came there to lose weight. She didn’t think she’d make any friends. She thought she was the curvaceous girl nobody really noticed. When she gets to camp her eyes are opened.”

“The guys start to like her and she doesn’t know how to deal with it because that’s totally new to her.”

“The biggest process for her is learning that the way she’ll make it in all these groups is to be true to herself. It’s what’s on the inside.”

“It’s a show about self-discovery. It’s a show that teenagers can really relate to and find themselves by watching it.”


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