Christina Applegate will go for reconstructive surgery

mylene/ November 7, 2008/ celebrity/ 0 comments

Christina Applegate picture
Christina Applegate

Christina Applegate is one tough lady. She had her breast removed due to breast cancer but she still an optimistic person.

She said in the new issue of TV Guide “I still have quite a process until this is done. Yes, it’s hard. It sucks. But I’m not a victim.”

She will undergo reconstructive surgery, not far from her birthday.

Recently, she learned to be more relax “I started looking for a beach house the day I found out I had this little disease. You just kind of go, ‘What are you waiting for to get the things that you want and the things you dream of?’

“I don’t own tomorrow or yesterday – today is all I’ve got. And if I don’t make today good, then I’m only gonna’ be p–ssed off tomorrow!”


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