Carmen Electra finds that British men are gentlemen and hot!

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Looks like Carmen has find something new.She finds that British men are gentlemen.This is part of it that makes her love UK so much and this remain her top choice list.

She said that “I think British guys are really hot. It’s the accent and they’re such gentlemen”.And added that “I just love the UK. In the States we think everything that is British is better—the music, the fashion.”

But there is one thing that make her loves UK the most is lingerie.

In her new movie,she plays a porn star who falls for a 20-year-old Briton in the movie, and she prepared herself for this character by dressing up in kinky outfits and watching porn films at home.

This will be good news for guys out there.To enable to watch Carmen in hot sexy figure.


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  1. She wouldn’t know a real man if one was inside of her. Her track record shows she’s into gays or bisexuals. Rodman, Davarro, prince, etc. Yuck. What a waste.

  2. This is too funny to read. Watch all of the guys in the UK gets all worked up by this nonsense spouted by Carmen Electra. All she is doing is making a lot of publicity and selling her movie in the same country where it is going to be released. What would be better than to get all of the men to come see her movie, by stating she is in love with them all? Haha! The oldest trick in the book! Americans might like some British things (and vice versa), but few actually think they are better in anything. British music? Of course, some bands are good! Fashion? Please!! Accent? Can’t even understand what the hell they are saying and it is more annoying than anything else! Every British woman I have known have told me American men are much more polite and better to date, anyway. Carmen just loves to blow “sunshine up people’s ass” just to get a reaction and marketing for her new projects and to get people to buy what she is selling.

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