Beauty secrets behind Martha Stewart’s youthful look

mylene/ March 23, 2013/ celebrity/ 0 comments


Martha Stewart is already 71 years old but she still look very young. She was a model before during her younger years.

She revealed her beauty tips, ‘I haven’t had facial surgery yet, but I did get Juvederm filler after my dog bashed my lip and split it open.’

‘I tried Botox. It works for certain things, like for skin under the chin, but I don’t want a taut jawline and a quizzical look.’

‘I rarely get blemishes now. But if perchance I’m starting to get one, I extract it with my old-fashion fingers, unless I’m getting a facial later that week. I don’t like metal on my face.’

‘My hair is actually thicker now and grows faster than it did probably 25 years ago. On the weekend, I don’t even like to brush it. I get screamed at by my daughter. And I don’t like hair spray.’

‘I have a hand massage at least once a week, and it’s a serious massage. Oh my gosh, yes, it’s terribly important,’ Martha reveals.’

‘I don’t want my hands to get unnaturally bony looking or wrinkly looking,’ she said. ‘I do yoga hand exercises. They work. My hands are very strong.’


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