Beautiful Demi Moore and her daughters in Bazaar photoshot

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This is the cover of Harper’s Bazaar that pertains photos of Demi Moore and her three daughters, Rumer,19; Scout, 16; and Tallulah,14. Four of them look stunning and beautiful. I admire Demi on how she able to maintain her beauty at the age 45. What is her secret behind this beauty?

Below are some contents on the interview with Demi:

Demi on bringing Ashton into her daughters’ lives:

“I didn’t bring somebody into their lives lightly. I looked at Ashton and thought, he’s 25 [he’s now 30]; it’s a lot to ask. Being with me isn’t about just being in a relationship with me; it’s about someone stepping into a situation where there is already a huge level of responsibility.”

Demi on the attention given to the age gap between her and Ashton:

“…People made such a fuss about it, you would have thought the world had never seen it before. Age wasn’t what I was thinking about, but to the rest of the world it was a very big deal.”

Demi on maintaining respect and friendship with her ex-husband Bruce Willis:

“Look, I’m the product of divorced parents, and my brother and I were the pawns in my parents’ game. I never wanted that for my kids. At that time, I could not have seen what a gift that situation was, but without that experience, I would not have known there was a different choice to make in my own divorce.”

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  1. There’s just something freakishly weird about rumor… does she have an extra chromosome or something???

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