Andy Garcia get sued by a woman

mylene/ September 14, 2007/ celebrity/ 0 comments

Andy Garcia has been sued for $2.5 million for not asking permission for allegedly using her husband’s life as the basis of the movie “The Lost City.”

In a lawsuit filed Tuesday in L.A. Superior Court, this woman whose name is Carol Lee Shulman is suing Garcia for “research without permission and marketing of life’s events for profit without consent.”

Shulman claims that the life of her husband, Eddie “Shu” Shulman, was the basis for the 2005 Garcia directed film about a wealthy family torn apart by Fidel Castro’s Marxist revolution. In the lawsuit, Shulman says her husband was a saxophone player who was exiled for freedom of expression from Cuba, after Castro took over in 1958. In the movie, Garcia (who was born in Cuba) plays a nightclub owner who flees the Caribbean island after Castro assumes power.

Mrs. Shulman is seeking asking royalties amounting $1.5 million and punitive damages amounting $1 million.


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