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Applying Malaysia passport

mylene/ February 15, 2016/ travel/ 0 comments

Good news to Malaysian people who want to travel abroad. The fees to renew or make passport has reduced from RM300 to RM200 for 5 years for age 13 years and above but below 60 years old. For kids below 13 years old and senior 60 years and above need to pay only RM100 for 5 years. Documents needed: 1. Mykad 2. Old passport If you want to apply for babies, 1 photocopy of birth certificate and photocopy of father or mother's MyKad. Special lane for senior citizen 60 years old and above and toddler below 2 years old. No need take ticket. Tips: Please do not wear white because the photo background will be white. But do not worry because you can use their blazer.