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Play music with PRS bass

mylene/ December 2, 2016/ general/ 0 comments

Play music is an ease of mind and can release stress. There are variety of musical instruments in the music world such as piano, guitar, violin. But is there anyone playing a prs bass? There is not many bass players nowadays. I know there is somebody do, which is Ronda Smith. Ronda Smith is a bassist from Canada, who is best known for her work with Prince.

How to create a good SEO

mylene/ November 11, 2016/ general/ 0 comments

When your website does not have good traffic in terms of visitor, it may because of poor SEO. Some new websites able to get thousands of visitors within a month because they have good SEO. Triangle Direct Media can give solution regarding about this.

Play music as hobby

mylene/ September 2, 2016/ general/ 0 comments

Everyone like music. Some like to listen to music while some like to play music. The musical instruments they are using can be piano, violin, guitar and many more. For those who want to advance the sound or tone, they can buy exra tools to make the music sound even better. One of the additional tool for guitar is boss gt 100. It is easy to use and the function is available without having to navigate plus able to create various tones.

Play guitar

mylene/ March 24, 2016/ general/ 0 comments

For those who love play guitar, they should know that the right strings are important. If they bought the wrong ones, they will end up playing the guitar in not a melody way and end up not playing it. Hard strings are difficult to play. Well, get advise from professionals if you are not sure how to buy the right guitar string notes.