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Shop online for your clothes

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I hate going to the shopping mall and go through the jam. Worst is when parking is limited. Nowdays I prefer stay at home and buy my favourite clothes online. Rompers are a trend nowadays and there are many rompers for sale on the internet. rompers
When attending parties or events, i love to wear sexy white party dresses. I saw before my friend wearing a royal blue party dress, I might want to try it also. blue dress
If compare the prices, I can say that buy online is cheaper than the clothes in the shopping mall and sometimes they offer discounts and voucher when you buy online. white

K-PALETTE 1-Day Magic Secret Liner

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I bought this liquid eyeliner online at RM51.90. I got to know this product when I was searching a liquid eyeliner that don't make my eyelids's skin peeling and swollen. There are pros and cons about this product. Pros 1. Waterproof I won't look like panda bear by end of the day. 2. Can be removed easily I can use water to remove the eyeliner 3. Contains essence ingredient such as Sodium Hyaluronate, Soluble Collagen, Swertia Japonica Extract Because of this ingredients, my eyelids won't get dried and swollen Cons 1. Difficult to apply I normally apply eye cream before I put my eyeliner to avoid being dry. After I put my eye cream, it is difficult to apply this eyeliner. I have to press really hard to enable it to stick on my eyelid. I won't be using this anymore because I need to take a lot of time to apply it.

Fixtures and Displays

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Open a retail business is not easy. I have been working in IT line for many years but my dream is to open a retail shop one day. I wish to be a successful business woman like Victoria Beckham. I never know she will be successful in retail business like now because she was one of the singer in Spice Girls group. But I believe one thing is that as long you have the brains, determination and strive hard, anybody can be successful. To open a retail shop, you need to find a suitable location for your shop. Sometimes location can play an important role for your business. Nobody will notice your shop if it is located in a hidden place. And if your shop is located at places where people find parking is inconvenient, nobody will want to come. Once you have find a suitable shop, you need buy some fixtures and displays to put your materials such as clothings, hats, shoes for sale and Retail Showcase. You also need to buy mannequins to display your clothings. If you decorate the mannequins nicely, customers will get attracted. When I go shopping, I always get attracted to the dress that the mannequin is wearing.

Delicious kuey teow soup

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Free Web Proxy Free Web Proxy Do you like to eat kuey teow soup? There is this stall that sells kuey teow soup and chicken rice. It is located at Jalan San Peng. Eventhough the environment does not look nice but the food is nice. I have tried the kuey teow soup and it tastes delicious! As for chicken rice, I haven't taste yet. They also have taufu and pig's intestine. Even well dressed people come here to eat. Suprisingly! The address: Jalan San Peng Pudu, 55200 Kuala Lumpur

Top 5 Diamond Must Haves for 2013

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Jewellery not only finishes off your outfit but it can also reveal a lot about your person. It can give little clues about the type of person you are and can even be used to translate your love for current trends in fashion. If you love diamonds or precious gems, check out some of the most stylish must haves for 2013. Treat yourself or a loved one to something that you can treasure for many years to come. Here are 2013’s top 5 must have jewellery pieces: 1. The charm bracelet – every girl needs at least one charm bracelet. Worn by so many different celebs, the charm bracelet is a popular gift item. Charm bracelets are perfect collectors’ items and you can always keep your bracelet looking up to date with the latest charms. 2. Coloured sapphire rings – diamonds are a girl’s best friend but there’s a brand new contender for that number one spot in your heart; the sapphire. Coloured sapphires have come back into fashion and ever since Kate Middleton sported a giant blue engagement ring, coloured sapphires have become much more desirable. There are so many different colours and shades available so you can take your pick and choose something that represents you, your personality or your love for fashion. 3. Diamond bangles – immaculate finishes and intricate detailing is extremely popular. There’s nothing hotter than shiny, sparkly arm candy at the moment! 4. Statement necklaces – big, chunky necklaces were an absolute sensation on the catwalks for SS13 and this trend will take you through into AW13 too. Big statement necklaces are hot for this year and they make the perfect finish to any glam evening outfit. If you love a little bit of bling and don’t mind forking out for something filled with sparkly gems and diamonds, this look is ideal for you. has a fantastic range if you want to get some inspiration. 5. Colour changing stones – whether you like colour changing sapphires or two tone gems that change colour in the sunlight, this trend has made it big for 2013. What once may have been considered a gimmick is today a must have product for jewellery lovers.