Tips for wearing mascara

mylene/ November 9, 2006/ beauty/ 0 comments

Mascara is the secret of making your eyes more beautiful.This a good makeup thing for me as i have single eyelid.It makes my eyes looks bigger.Doesnt mean you have single eyelids, you need to feel down about it and go for cosmetic surgery.

Here are some tips of using mascara:-

1. Types of mascara use water proof mascara.I tried before using normal ones,but end of the day, the mascara tend to smudge and instead of being pretty, i end up becoming like a panda bear.But one thing for sure, you need a special water proof makeup remover to remove the mascara.

I think those people who less sweat or have dry skin can use normal mascara.

2.Apply mascara in the correct position

Apply mascara in a stationary positio.Avoid makeup when you are in bus or car, either you will endup looking like a clown or you accidentally poke your eyes.

3.Throw away mascara after few months

When you have use it for four months, it is advisable to throw it away because it is easily contaminated by bacteria.

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