Anti Aging Surgery

mylene/ November 12, 2006/ beauty/ 1 comments

People grow old and will have lots of wrinkles on their face, then plus white hair, they will look double than their age.With modern technology,people can look younger if compare
to their age.I know the age is still the same but at least they are happy with their young look.Bridget Bardot was one of the sexy actress but look at her now, she looks so old.Why didnt she go for a cosmetic surgery?Well, actress Joan Collins is 70 something years old but she doesnt look old in her age.But whether she went for cosmetic surgery, im not sure about it because she deny she had one.

San Jose Plastic Surgeon Dr. Mingrone offers facial plastic surgery and this includes anti aging treatment.Others services provided are laser hair removal,eye surgery,tummy tucks and many more.

Take this plastic surgeon in San Jose when you want an anti aging treatment.

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