For Millennials, Memes are the Next Best Thing

mylene/ June 18, 2018/ general/ 0 comments

For Millennials, Memes are the Next Best Thing The meme culture amongst millennials is so deep-seated that they are used as catalysts for friendships, political caricatures, comedic genius, emotional releases and a host of other things. The main allure of memes lies in the fact that they end to bring joy to people’s lives. The meme culture has developed from being a mere comedy cult to a universal phenomenon. As wholesome sources of humor, the art form of memes is simply unmatched because of their universality and originality. Friendships can nowadays be formulated based on a common liking for all things meme related. Indeed, laughter has long been attributed to being one of the most endearing human qualities. Meme enthusiasts confess that just like fine wine, meme taste takes a while to become refined. Data provided by Goldman Sachs show that millennials are the largest consumer group in the nation because of the 92 million demographics. Millennials are renowned for their use of slang words revolving around emojis, #hashtags, and acronyms. Memes tend to incorporate all these elements of slang when they are being presented to the masses. In 2017, the #SaltBae meme took the world by storm. The simple actions of Nusret, a Turkish restaurant owner cutting up a slab of Ottoman Steak and sprinkling salt in an interesting manner quickly became a thing on the web. So much so that Snapchat, one of the leading social media apps out there, created a Bitmoji that shows a figure akin to Nusret. Other social media sites have tried to leverage the power of memes to expand their audiences. Memes are popular because of their spontaneity. That individuals can become celebrities overnight goes to show that the internet is an equal opportunity provider. Small business can make maximum utility of memes to push their products and services by simply maxing out on their creative juices. While only the big corporations can poach Nusret to do grow their brands, the existence of the #SaltBae hashtag makes it possible for everyone else to get in on the act and share with the world what they have to say. Sites like Rage Memes Comics also avail the opportunity for individuals to conjure quick and easy memes to share with friends and family. Millennials have embraced self-depreciation as a way to express themselves and relate to everyone else on the web. At the workplace, a sense of humor can help individuals improve their social relations, productivity, and health. Laughing has been known to make people happy which is a perfect setting for individuals to perform their jobs with gusto. Happy individuals tend to have enhanced leadership skills, a demeanor of credibility and are more likely to record profit margins. Businesses that are looking to establish themselves have been known to incorporate memes in order to make the connection. Cracking jokes has been known to be a perfect icebreaker when trying to relate with other workers in office settings. With memes, the process becomes much easier because of the graphic appeal. Humor can enable businesses to make that leap in unchartered waters since it helps them gain a perspective of what different people like and their state of mind.